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UPTick Town Hall - May 2022

UPTick Town Hall - May 2021

UPTick Town Hall presentation slides (~36MB download):

INSIGHT Lab Publications

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  2. Guillot, C., Badcock, J., Bouchard, C., Cram, J., Clow, K., Dergousoff, S., Dibernardo, A., Evason, M., Fraser, E., Galanis, E., Gasmi, S., German, G.J., Howes, D.T., Jardine, C., Jenkins, E., Koffi, J., Kulkarni, M.A., Lindsay, L.R., Lumsden, G., McKay, R., Moore, K., Morshed, M., Munn, D., Nelder, M., Nocera, J., Ripoche, M., Rochon, K., Russell, C., Slatculescu, A., Talbot, B., Thivierge, K., Voordouw, M. & Leighton, P. (2020) Sentinel surveillance of Lyme disease risk in Canada, 2019: results from the first year of the Canadian Lyme Sentinel Network (CLSN). Canada Communicable Disease Report 46(10):354-361.

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  4. McKay, R., Talbot, B., Slatculescu, A., Stone, A., Kulkarni, M.A. (2020) Woodchip borders at the forest ecotone as an environmental control measure to reduce questing tick density along recreational trails in Ottawa, Canada. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases 11(2): 101361.

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